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I may be a strong, independent woman, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like a cowboy to ride off int

Today is International Women’s Day; a day where we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. There will be the inevitable mumblings from certain corners of society along the lines of, ‘Why do women have an International Day? Why don’t men get a special day? Where’s the equality in that?’ Well there is an International Men’s Day so go google it. This post isn’t about justifying IWD, because quite frankly, I can’t be arsed to waste my time justifying anything to anyone who really thinks it needs it - just go back to reading your copy of the Daily Fail and berating all the refugees for giving our swans cancer from the comfort of your ivory tower armchair. No, this post is about how supporting IWD doesn’t mean you subscribe to just one philosophy on womanhood, and how you can still be a strong, independent woman celebrating the serious and sincere achievements of the sisterhood, yet still favour a Brazilian wax, want a man who holds doors open for you, and enjoy a little hair-tug during wild sex.

Emma Watson recently posed for the cover of a magazine with her nipple showing, and it caused uproar from the likes of the cretinous Piers Morgan (excuse me whilst I spontaneously vomit at the mention of that name). And, why was Morgan so predictably outraged? Well, apart from the fact he needed column inches for his next spew-worthy diatribe in a national tabloid, the reason Morgan was apparently so upset at Emma’s intentional nip-slip, was because she had been quoted a few years earlier citing she would never flash the flesh and that she was a feminist. Emma also recently revealed that she favours a product called ‘Fur’ which she uses on her pubic hair. A feminist who gets her tits out yet favours the unfashionable ‘full bush.’ Shut the front door! No wonder Morgan was outraged. He couldn’t possibly fathom the workings of this divine creature’s mind. She doesn’t conform to one feminist ideal or the other; or at least an ideal that archaic misogynists such as he, could ever understand. But, Emma is not unusual, and in my opinion, she gives a glimpse of what it is to be a feminist icon in the 21st century. A woman who knows her own mind and isn’t afraid to speak it, or, review and alter her opinions as she grows as a person – after all she’s only 26 years old and so I would hope the many experiences and influences she will have in her life will shape her as she grows. How very sad it would be if we were all expected or even forced to adhere to the ideals and opinions we had at 15, when we are 45 and beyond – in other countries and cultures where that does happen it’s called repression, and usually the result of a dictatorship or extreme religious views. Do we really want that? Do we really want to be mocking, berating and humiliating anyone for changing and developing their opinions, theories and beliefs as they grow?

On the subject of Emma Watson’s pubic hair, there was a discussion on the radio the other day which touched upon the issue of pubic grooming and how women should stop conforming to male desires, and perceived ideas of beauty and attractiveness portrayed in the media, and let their bushes grow wild. Ok, so here’s the thing; the whole ideology that women are waxing their snatches purely for men’s pleasure is, in itself, pretty laughable at best, and insulting at worst. There are many, many reasons women choose to topiary their lady gardens (or not), and believe me, ripping the follicles out of your foof purely to please a man, isn’t top of the list. Of course, there will be some women who do it purely because they know their bloke likes it, or because they want a k*** like a Kardashian, (sorry, couldn’t resist!), but upkeep of the hair-free fanny is time consuming and plagued with stubble itch and ingrown hairs, and so invariably it comes down to what a woman prefers – and no one should be judged on that.

For me, International Women’s Day is about being thankful of the choices I have as a woman living in a free country, and taking time to acknowledge both the achievements and struggles of other woman around the world. I am fortunate that I am not censored in my speech, thoughts or dress. I am educated and have choices. I work in an industry where I am able to express my thoughts and opinions relatively openly. But, being a woman in the 21st century is still tough sometimes. Today, I got my kids off to school, topped up the oil and water in my car, booked flights for a business trip, did 3 loads of washing, wrote 2 articles for clients, cleaned 2 bathrooms, skyped with a friend, groaned about what I’d make for dinner tonight, and put the rubbish bins out. It might be a case of first world problems, but as women, we’re still allowed to acknowledge that for all our freedoms and choices, sometimes our daily routine feels exhausting and overwhelming. I am immensely grateful that I have the freedom and ability to do all these things myself, and we women of the free western world should not grumble, but Christ alive, sometimes I just want a cowboy to come and chuck me on the back of his horse and ride off into the sunset. In the words of Paula Cole: ‘Where have all the cowboys gone?’ Probably getting a manscape and facial knowing my luck!

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