Life, Love, and Rum: A blog of random musings & true stories.

We’ve all come across a Harvey Wankstain in our lives (pun intended)…

When I was 23 I got my first writing job as a features writer for a popular magazine in Hong Kong, and I could not have been more excited. My editor, the owner of the magazine, was a 40-something unkempt and portly ex-pat whose office, in the dilapidated old building of an unexclusive part of the territory, had, amongst the mess and filth of leftover takeaway boxes, a single bed in it. Initially, I assumed it was for when he needed a nap having been up all night getting copy ready for the print deadline, but within a week of starting my new, exciting job, I discovered it had a much more distasteful use; to shag the very young Filipina cleaner. Whilst we writers were busy beavering away wi

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