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Nomophobia: the irrational fear of being without your mobile phone

My name is Purbeck Wintour and I am a nomophobe. There. I've said it. If I go out in the car and I realise I’ve left my iPhone charging at home, I have a mini panic attack as all the wild and not so wonderful scenarios flash through my mind concerning how I’ll cope if I have a crash or breakdown (mental an emotional); what if I come across a lonely soul wandering the country lanes who flags me down and turns out to be a psycho of The Shining proportions, kidnaps and holds me captive in an abandoned grain store on the grounds of a large country estate, forcing me to read him the complete works of Tennyson every day, until after a year or so Stockholm syndrome takes hold, we kiss, and he conf

The unadulterated pleasure of a 12 inch (picture disc)

One of the greatest pleasures of a teenager in the days before itunes, Spotify and YouTube, was saving up your pocket money to buy the latest release from your favourite band. Of course, in the 80s this would be a band or group that had been ‘organically’ created through hormonally infused angst, a general vitriol for the establishment, or, in the case of Bananarama, a mutual love of matt red lipstick and back-combed hair. This, after all, was the era before pushy 'momagers' trademarked their kid’s name no sooner than they were popped from the womb; and a world away from the pop Svengalis who now sit behind glittery desks pressing giant buttons as preened and practised stage school kids pe

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