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Explosions in the desert

With hindsight, vegetarian bean chilli probably wasn’t the brightest of ideas to bring for our Dubai desert camping trip supper, when you realise the following morning that you are 2 hours away from home and the luxury of a flushing toilet. But then again, the coffin sized cool box full of concentrated mojito mixture and ciders probably hadn’t helped… It was new year’s day, and the first hangover of 2017 hit me like a meteor as I awoke in my tent somewhere in the middle of the sprawling sandpit of the UAE, and crawled on hands and knees into the piercing desert sun. Peeling my tongue from the roof of my mouth, and pulling on Uggs and sunglasses, I stumbled over to the still smouldering cam

Election day in an ‘affluent’ Dorset village…

If you are in the UK, then today is the day we all wander down to the polling booths to vote. If you live in a village like me, today is also the day you fail in your carefully concocted strategy of going to the village hall at a time when you are least likely to bump into your neighbours, and therefore as you retreat from the booth with an impeding sense of doom that whoever you voted for is unlikely to make a huge difference anytime soon, you must awkwardly make small talk with your neighbours, knowing you almost certainly have very different political alliances and have just voted at opposite ends of the political spectrum. Being British, you will politely smile and talk about the shockin

Keep calm and drink your mojito

​ ‘Run; Hide; Tell.’ That was the advice tweeted by the metropolitan police as Saturday’s vile and cowardly attacks unfolded in London, along with images flashing across our TV screens and social media platforms around the world. I was over 100 miles away; safe from the atrocities in the capital, but not unaffected by them. As I watched the BBC news and the chilling warning tweeted by the police, I quietly crept downstairs and locked my porch. “You locked your porch? How very British of you,” remarked a friend the next morning as texts and whatsapp messages darted back and forth amongst friends; checking-in on each other, trying to make sense of the senseless, seeking comfort and clarity

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