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Bernard the lady turkey and the Garden of Misfits

With its diverse array of wildlife, Oman promises so much to the eager nature lover. The elusive Arabian leopard still survives in the mountains of Southern Oman. Striped hyenas, oryx, and even the tenacious honey badger all call the Sultanate its home. Lizards, skinks, geckos and snakes can be found across the peninsula, and rose-ringed parakeets, green bee-eaters, oriental white-eyes and mynahs are just a few of the exotic birds keen twitchers can expect to hear and see in what is often called, ‘the true Arabia.’ But a turkey? Umm, no. Turkeys are not the kind of exotic fauna you expect to wake up to on your first morning in Muscat, and see peering at you through the patio doors. ‘Bernar

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