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The Road to Oman (is paved with bacon crisps and blind panic).

Getting into a Hummer 3 with the mother of all hangovers was never the best way to start a 6 hour drive from Dubai to Muscat. I’d been in Dubai just a day, but as Friday is a holy day for Muslims and therefore the start of the Fri/Sat weekend for ex-pats, Thursday afternoon and evening was to be spent on the road to Oman with just a backpack full of snacks for myself and my traveling companion, UAE resident and Dutch national, Otto. Having grown up in Muscat, Otto was always eager to get out of Dubai and back to Oman as often as he could, so I was fortunate his trip coincided with my own plans to visit the Sultanate. After all, a road trip would be a better way of seeing some of Oman on t

Old Compton St at 5am...

Taking another drag of my Marlboro light, I sighed, leant forward and rested my chin on my hand, looking across the table to my friends, Mel and Daniel, who affected the same pose with equal nonchalance. It was 1994 and the smoking ban was still 20 odd years away, making every uni cafeteria and bar about as smoggy as Hong Kong during Chinese New Year fireworks. Our apathy was suddenly interrupted by Ricky; the president of the Student Union, and Daniel’s boyfriend, who bounded into the cafeteria and up onto a table, gesticulating wildly and shouting to get the attention of the collected students. As silence eventually fell and Ricky’s excited words reverberated around the hall, everyone be

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