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The heart wants what the heart wants.

When I was 17 I fell in love for the first time. JC was the double of River Phoenix in ‘My Own Private Idaho.’ Hauntingly beautiful, tall, lithe, armed with an intriguing nonchalant demeanour, yet conversely, a vortex of emotion swirling around in eyes I felt I’d known my whole life. When those eyes met mine, it was as if two souls who had been parted for a thousand years had finally found each other again. Like magnets, we were uncontrollably drawn to each other; physically, emotionally, mentally. From that moment, my life took on a new meaning. Every song on the radio related to me on a new level and a magical veil had been cast over my day to day life which erased the bad and the ugly i

My friend, Penelope, the Aga lady...

A few years ago I was flicking through a homes and interiors magazine when I came across my friend, Penelope. Penelope was a beautiful yet unthreatening redhead in her mid-thirties, dressed in fitted, but not overly tight, jeans, and (what I assumed to be) cashmere jumper. Penelope was leaning against her Aga in her stylish, stone flagged floored kitchen, smiling contently at the camera. I say, ‘her Aga’ and ‘her kitchen’ but the truth is, it wasn’t Penelope’s Aga and it wasn’t Penelope’s kitchen. For beautiful, serene, redheaded Penelope was simply a model advertising the Aga; her name wasn’t Penelope and actually, if truth be known, she wasn’t my friend at all. But that’s what I liked to

Finding enlightenment in a wretched hive of decadence.

Some people go off to Bali to find themselves, whilst others take a spiritual pilgrimage to India seeking enlightenment. Some hide themselves away and take on a hermit-like existence in the wilds, only revealing themselves to society when Ben Fogle arrives armed with a camera crew and a week’s supply of Kendal mint cake. But not me. I didn’t find myself humming mantras whilst irrigating my own colon in a straw hut. No. I like to do things differently. I found enlightenment in a wretched hive of decadence; Dubai. Feeling the need to get away and have some much needed R&R over Christmas, I decided to take up the offer of ex-pat friends to spend New Year with them in the Dubai desert. "It

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